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Each individual tablet made with care...

Our manufacturing department produces nutritional products under our strict quality control system. We apply these standards from raw material to the end product. In addition we have obtained ISO9001 - global quality standard, Organic JAS and GMP certifications, insuring worldwide recognition of our quality control. It is our pleasure to provide safe, high-quality products for the satisfaction of our customers. At FINE products this standard of excellence will never change.



A powerful factory that take charge of producing granules, tablets, small packages, beverage, and packaging.
Obtained ISO9001 license. and Organic JAS Certification.

The Techno Factory is one of the most developed capsule professionals that have well advanced machines. The production lines produce 1,700,000 capsules a day. Obtained ISO9001 license. Organic JAS Certification, and GMP license.



A 20,000' sq factory, fully equipped with the newest machinery and surrounded by nature. We have the ability to produce about 50 million tablets, 7 tons of granules, and 1.7 million capsules in a day. We are equipped with tablet, granule, hard capsule, softgel capsule and liquid product manufacturing line, and a couple dozen of other newest production machinery.


Production Capacity (month)  


High-Revolution Tablet Forming Machine 200t
Fluid Granulator and Dsiccator 200t
Blender 500t
Softgel Capsule Manufacturing Machine 50,000,000 capsules
Hard Shell Capsule Manufacturing Machine 10,000,000 capsules
Liquid Filler 500ml: 1,500,000 bottles
Powder Can Filler 1,250,000 cans
Powder Filler 800,000 bottles
Fully Automatic Capsule Filler 750,000 bottles
Tablet Filler 1,500,000 bottles
4-Side Sealer 15,000,000 packets
Powdered Soup Packaging Machine
3-Side Sealer
15,000,000 packets


Fine INC has been cleared by the ISO9001 Certification and the Organic JAS standard, reliable certifying corporations, to provide our customers with products which are safe, reliable, and are highest quality.
We are also in the process of acquiring the GMP Certification in order to provide our customers with more improved products.

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