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Plants containing high protein, chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids the human body




Pieces per Container

90g (200mg x 450Tablets)



Detoxification, skin, fat, cholesterol or help stabilize, eye protection, blood, health, in addition to the body, this product is processed by the broken technology, enables the algae nutrients within the release, so that the body easily absorbed.


Product Usage

3times per day ,each take 5 capsules with warm water


Product Warnings

● If this product has an allergy, please consult your doctor or professional advice before taking.
● This product is made of natural material, the material may vary slightly with color and flavor, but not affect the nutritional composition, can feel at ease to take.
● pregnancy, lactation should not be taken to avoid the baby to indirect intake.
● undergoing medical treatment or taking medication to treat a patient for the first request, and must seek medical advice.
● follow standard daily intake of taking, not excessive intake.
● must be compatible with a balanced diet while taking this product.


Storage Condition

Avoid direct sunlight and stored in a cool dry place.




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