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Contains plant high food fiber, chlorophyll, enzyme, promote intestinal peristalsis.



Young Barley powder, Thickener (Indigestible dextrin), Thickener (Dextrin),Banana Puree,Plant lactic acid bacterium powder,Thickener(guar gum),coral calcium,Banana flavour powder,Sweetners(apartame,L-phenylalanine
compound,sucralose),Anticaking agent(Silicon Dioxide),Vitamin D.


Pieces per Container




◇Used top raw barley sprouts, also known as “Gold buds” made
◇ Quality assurance, production process is the use of hot water to extract the essence.
◇Full 100% water soluble, contain ten times concentrated essence inside.
◇Soluble fiber helps lower blood cholesterol levels.
◇Rich in antioxidants, chlorophyll, enzymes, folic acid and vitamins.
◇Japanese GMP and ISO 9001 certified pharmaceutical manufacturer, the unique extraction technology into ultra-fine powder,
◇Fully retain nutrients Barley, and easy to absorb and significant effect. Assurance.
◇By detecting 225 kinds of pesticide residues, absolutely safe and reliable.
◇ Add new function such as lactic acid in Young Barley powder , 1stick(3g) containing 10 billion lactic acid bacteria.
◇ Unique & special ingredients for weight management/slimming purpose.
◇Promote intestinal and digestive health, constipation ,bloating, stomach etc…


Product Usage

Take 1 stick (3grams) injection temperature of about 30-40degrees water 300cc~400cc per day


Product Warnings

● If this product has an allergy, please consult your doctor or professional advice before taking.
● This product is made of natural material, the material may vary slightly with color and flavor, but not affect the nutritional composition, can feel at ease to take.
● pregnancy, lactation should not be taken to avoid the baby to indirect intake.
● undergoing medical treatment or taking medication to treat a patient for the first request, and must seek medical advice.
● follow standard daily intake of taking, not excessive intake.
● must be compatible with a balanced diet while taking this product.


Storage Condition

Avoid direct sunlight and stored in a cool dry place.









Awards :

Monde Selection 2018 Gold Award


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