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Young barley leaf grown blessed with the sun and the earth includes various nutritions abundantly. This product entirely made of fresh young barley leaf has been finished in granule type with our own production method so that everybody can drink it easily. This product as a Healthful Food Supplement supports a man of today healthfully who tends to have unbalanced meals and is in need of vegetables.



Powder of young barley leaf

[Suggested Use]

Take 5g a day as a standard with water or milk.

[Can Type]
JAN: 4976652002739
Contents:  100g

Table of ingredients

Serving Size 5g

Amount Per Serving

Calories Protein (g) Total Fat (g) Total Carbohydrate (g)
14 1 0.26 -
Sodium (mg) Sugars (g) Dietary Fiber (g)  
2.5 1.05 1.76



Vitamin C    22.7mg

Vitamin E    0.77mg

β-carotene    1.16mg

Folic Acid    70mcg

Calcium    21mg

Magnesium    5.5mg

Phosphorus    18mg

Zinc    0.09mg

Copper    16.5mcg

Iron    1.25mg

Manganese    0.25mg

Molybdenum    1.05mcg

Chromium    13mcg

Chlorophyll    30.3mg

* Main Ingredients (Serving Size 5g)

Amount Per Serving

Allergy display object raw materials

Milk Wheat Buckwheat Egg Peanut Shrimp Crab
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* What's Labeled allergic Ingredients?

The 7 “Allergic substances” shown above are obligated to be labeled as such under the Food Sanitation Law, in Japan.

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